Love Me Back Album Review

Jazmine Sullivan Love Me Back Album Review – The very talented Jazmine Sullivan has just released a preview of her upcoming sophomore CD called “Love Me Back” that will be out on November 30, 2010 via J, Arista.
While listening to the snippets of this new album via Amazon you clearly notice that the “Holdin ‘You Down”, singer who was nominated for five Grammy Awards is sticking to her rough soul/reggae roots by working with Missy Elliott, Los Da Mystro, Lamb, Ne-Yo and Salaam Remi.
Here is a breakdown of Jazmine Sullivan’s “Love Me Back :
Track 1: “Holding you down”- The R&B song with an old school spin takes us all back to Jazzies roots. I’m sure you all have heard this hit.
Track 2: “10 Seconds”- This is a song that talks about how her boyfriend did her wrong and how he has “only 10 seconds to go”. Jazmine S. pours her heart out on this emotional ballad.
Track 3: “Good Enough”- In this song she tells a guy, she’s not going to wait for you, if she’s not “Good Enough” for you, she will be for someone else. This song kind of reminds me of “Aint gone beg you” by Fantasia.
Track 4: “Don’t make me wait”- A feel good song that makes you move from beginning to end.
This sounds like a rollerskating theme song for sure.
Track 5: “Love you long time”- This song mixes a confederate drum beat with Jazmine’s soulful voice. It sounds amazingly captivating. It’s beat intrigued me.
Track 6: “Redemption”- Jazmine crys out for “redemption” when she see’s her boyfriend and is threatened by him putting a gun in her face. She vividly tells this story through her raw vocals.
Track 7: “Excuse Me”- She can never find another man like the man she sings about in this song. Jazzie’s vocals (background and all) make this song what it is.
Track 8: “U get on my nerves”- In this song tells him “U get on my damn nerves”, all that she has been through with this guy, she tells him exactly how she feels, holding nothing back.
Track 9: “Stuttering” – In this song Jazmine has something to say and she can’t seem to get it out, she keeps “stuttering”. This song is nice, I’m interested to hear more.
Track 10: “Famous”- J. Sullivan belts out this song, talking about how everybody wants the glitz and the glam and the fame. This song gives you chills, her voice cannot be matched.
Track 11: “Luv Back”- This Caribbean style song gets you swaying back and forth. The cadence is so smooth and effortless. It’s easily one of my favorites from the album, it’s totally Jazmine!
Truth be told the album (especially the first single entitled “Holding You Down (Goin ‘In Circles)” produced by Missy Elliott) is very interesting, sensual and explosive at times when she attacks all of the men who screwed her up before.
Despite her young age, the Philadelphia native’s mature style, voice and writing skills will surely pushed her to explode one day on the charts, but I doubt it will be with her second CD.
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